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January 19, 2018
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July 23, 2017
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New York

April 6, 2018
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In the Press

Quantum computing is set to be a US $29 billion industry by 2021 ...

Previously, access to game changing technologies has been exclusive to the likes of Venture Capitalists of Silicon Valley, multinational corporations and the elites. Qubit Protocol aims to create a democratic environment for everyone to take part in the benefits that will arise from quantum technologies.

According to Goldman Sachs, quantum computing could be a US $29 billion industry by 2021, with tech giants Google, Microsoft and IBM currently paving the way forward for Quantum technologies. Our experts envision this industry growing exponentially within the years to come. The Qubit platform will provide you with the ability to work alongside the top minds and leading quantum experts across the world.

Quantum computers are rapidly progressing ...

The past few years have seen tremendous progress in the development of quantum computers.  In 2016 IBM released a 5 qubit computer that can now be used by anyone in the cloud.  IBM followed this with the announcement of a 17 qubit computer in mid 2017 and a 50 qubit computer by the end of the year.  In early 2018 Google announced a 72 qubit computer.  With the number of qubits doubling every 6-12 months, the quantum computing space is at an inflection point in its growth, and we are extremely excited to share this opportunity with the community.

Our Vision

Currently, investment in Quantum technologies is complex, difficult, and unavailable to most. Our blockchain platform will democratise investment opportunities and guide commercial research via a panel of leading scientific, technical and business experts. By strategically guiding investment, Qubit Protocol will kickstart the quantum technology revolution.

Introducing Qubit Protocol

Qubit Protocol is a decentralised blockchain enabled governance protocol that utilises the collective intelligence of the quantum science community to make strategic funding decisions on quantum technology projects. The platform will take governance to a new level by pushing liquid democratic models and crypto-economics to the limit whilst utilising the blockchain to the fullest potential for this purpose.

1. Funding proposals

Quantum startups place project proposals onto the Qubit Protocol platform, and each project is reviewed extensively prior to the voting period.

2. Delegation and voting

Experts and public token holders will be allowed to vote on the most meritorious projects to be funded. Users are able to stake their Qubit Protocol Tokens (QPT) on projects directly or delegate them to a quantum expert to decide on their behalf.

3. Startup funding

Once due diligence is performed, startups will receive funding via the Qubit DAO.

4. Token locking and burning

QPT tokens used to vote for successfully funded projects will be locked and a small percentage of QPT tokens for unsuccessful projects will be burned to ensure a sufficient level of crypto-economics.

5. Rewards

Much like how a network rewards miners, the protocol rewards effective and strategic decision making through QPT tokens, as startups achieve their milestones. This is pushed further through incentivised collaboration where users can earn extra QPT by aiding startups with research and small amounts of work.

6. Profit making events

In the event of profit-making events such as an IPO or company sale exit, up to 50% of the profit may be used to buy-back QPT to be burned thus rewarding QPT token holders, and the remaining percentage of the profits will be used to fund the next generation of quantum projects.

A protocol that truly embodies a governance structure for effective decision making, validation and collaboration.

Revolutionary technology

Quantum is at an inflexion point and on the verge of breaking out.

Expert collective

We are creating a quantum community, fostering collaboration and using the intelligence of a quantum technology expert collective.

Liquid democracy

As a member of our quorum, you are able to either vote directly on projects or delegate your votes to one of the experts. Earn rewards by taking part in the decision making process.

The Roadmap

ICO & EXPerts
Q2, 2018
Q2, 2018 - ICO & EXPerts
  • 50 experts onboarded
  • Qubit Protocol ICO launched
  • MVP Voting Protocol completed
Prototype Platform
Q3, 2018
q3, 2018 - Prototype Platform
  • Test platform completed
  • Early Pilot Program for funding quantum startups
application round
Q4, 2018
Q4, 2018 - Accept applications
  • Quantum startup main round applications and approval process
  • 3-5 proposals to be listed on the protocol
voting period
Q1, 2019
Q1, 2019 - first voting period
  • Qubit Protocol platform launched
  • First voting and funding period completed
  • First Qubit Protocol World Conference


We have released two documents to help you understand our company, protocol and industry. The Whitepaper discusses the problem we are solving and the protocol that is being used to solve it. The Introduction to Quantum Technology is an extensive paper written by four of our Experts who are on the panel.


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Dr. Andrew White
Quantum Expert
Andrew G. White, Fellow of the Australian Academy of Sciences, is Professor of Physics at the University of Queensland. He is Director of the University of Queensland Quantum technology Laboratory, and Director of the Australian Research Council Centre for Engineered Quantum systems. He researches in experimental quantum optics, quantum information science, and fundamental quantum science.
Dr. Mario Berta
Quantum Expert
Dr. Berta is I am a Lecturer (Assistant Professor) at the Department of Computing Imperial College London. His research area is quantum information theory, with a focus on quantum Shannon theory and quantum cryptography. Previously, he was Postdoctoral Researcher at the Institute for Quantum Information and Matter California Institute of Technology. He obtained his PhD degree from the Institute for Theoretical Physics at ETH Zurich.
Martin Laforest
Dr. Martin Laforest is the Senior manager for Scientific Outreach for the Institute for Quantum Computing (QIC) at the University of Waterloo. In that role, he establishes and nurtures relationships with private companies and venture capitalists, which have resulted in investments, partnerships and collaborations. He will soon be joining the company ISARA which develops quantum-safe security solutions.
W Bradford Stephens
Managing Partner at Blockchain Capital
Brad Stephens is Co-founder and Managing Partner of Blockchain Capital, the premier venture capital fund investing in the blockchain technology sector and the first to raise a venture fund through an ICO. Brad is also a Managing Partner of Stephens Investment Management LLC (SIM), which he co-founded in 2002. His diverse background in domestic and international finance includes sell-side securities analysis, hedge fund management, venture capital and family office management.
Dr. James Rabeau
Quantum Expert
Dr. James Rabeau is the CEO and Co-founder of quantum sensor company Lucigem and a Principle Program Manager at Station Q Sydney Microsoft. Dr. Rabeua has 20 years of combined experience in academic research and teaching, previously working as a Director at Deloitte Analytics and a Professor at Macquarie University. With commercial and technical expertise plus enterprise-wide strategy management, Dr. Rabeua brings valuable perspectives to his roles and a capacity to identify and apply insights to meet business needs.
Dr. Tom Stace
Quantum Expert
Dr. Tom Stace is a Professor of Physics and ARC Future Fellow at the University of Queensland. His research is largely focused on applying methods from quantum optics to solid state devices for use in quantum information applications, and more recently, on error correction protocols. He also works on high precision measurement with experimental colleagues at UWA, in a project whose ultimate aim is to contribute to the international definition of Boltzmann’s constant and some biophysics. Professor Stace consults for UniQuest, UQ’s commercial arm, on scientific and technical matters.
Dr. Jonathon P. Dowling
Quantum Expert
Dr. Jonathon Dowling is an Irish-American co-director of the Horace Hearne Institute for Theoretical Physics and a Hearne chair in Theoretical Physics at the Department of Physics and Astronomy, at the Louisiana State University. He is known for his work on quantum technology, particularly for exploiting quantum entanglement (in the form of a NOON state) for applications to quantum metrology, quantum sensing and quantum imaging. He has also made contributions to quantum information theory, the field of photonic crystals, and the foundations of quantum electrodynamics. Professor Dowling is also one of the founders of the US Government funded program in quantum information processing.
Dr. Victor Canivell
Quantum Expert
Dr. Victor Canivell is the Managing director of Quantum World Association. Dr. Canivell has a 30 year track record in the IT and Networking field with a focus on the software and services industry. He has CEO and Board experience at high tech start-ups, including successful funding rounds and company sales. He has served in general management at high tech IT companies at European EMEA level (HP, SGI, 3Com and PerkinElmer) and of European software startups including independent strategic and operational consultancy for high-tech startups for the European Commission high tech SME’s in the Horizon 2020 instrument, and for Alfa Beta Consultants. Dr. Canivell has a PhD in Physics from the University of Barcelona.
Dr. Barry Sanders
Quantum Expert
Dr. Barry Sanders is a Professor of Physics, a Director for the Institute for Quantum Science and Technology in Calgary, Canada, a QianRen Chair Professor at the University of Science and Technology China, and a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada. His research interests include: implementations of quantum information, evolutionary algorithms and swarm intelligence for quantum control and metrology, long-distance quantum key distribution, coherent quantum transport in protein complexes, non-linear quantum optics, and algorithmic quantum simulation.
Dr. Christopher Ferrie
Quantum Expert
Dr. Chris Ferrie is a Senior Lecturer at the Centre for Quantum Software and Information at University of Technology Sydney. His research focuses on the characterisation, verification, and validation of quantum systems and devices, particularly on efficient and scalable quantum control techniques. The aim of his research is to aid in the design and realisation of practical quantum information processing devices, such as a quantum computer. He is also the author of a successful series of picture books about scientific concepts for babies and children.
Andrew White
Quantum Expert
Professor at University of Queensland and Program Manager at Quantum Computing and Communication Technology
Dr. José I. Latorre
Quantum Expert
Dr. José Ignacio Lattore is the CEO of Qilimanjaro, a Scientific Director at Entanglement Partners, a Director of the Centro de Ciencias de Benasque Pedro Pascual, Head of the Quantic Group at the Barcelona Supercoming Center and a Professor in Theoretical Physics at the University of Barcelona. His expertise ranges from particle physics, quantum information and artificial intelligence.

Team Qubit Protocol

The team is comprised of technical experts in quantum computing, blockchain and commercialisation.

Ajay Prakash
Chief Executive Officer

Former Republic Protocol (co-leading community). Previously, leading global marketing operations at Streamvision & an experienced full-stack developer.

Marco Tomamichel
Chief Technical Officer

Senior Lecturer and ARC DECRA Fellow at the Centre for Quantum Software and Information at the University of Technology Sydney.

Quinn DuPont
Chief Governance Officer

Research Associate at University of Washington with a focus on cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies. Member of the ISO blockchain standardisation committees and the IEEE Blockchain Initiative.

Troy Lee
Chief Science Officer

Nanyang Associate Professor at Nanyang Technological University and Principal Investigator at Centre for Quantum Technologies.

Gavin Brennen
Chief Community Officer

Associate Professor at University of Macquarie. Director of QSciTech and CI in the ARC Centre of Excellence EQuS.

Ping Koy Lam
Chair of Expert Panel

Professor at Australian National University in the Quantum Science Department. Node Director for Centre for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology (CQC2T)

Devesh Mitra

A full-stack web developer and blockchain engineer. Software Penetration Tester at Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

Rene Kumar

A full-stack web developer and blockchain developer, with experience in artificial intelligence and machine learning.

Harvey Liu
Head of Marketing

An experienced technology startup founder with a proven track record of building scalable startups. Focused growth hacker with passion across data, testing, user generation, optimisation, metrics and referral marketing.

Alan Shen
Community Manager

An experienced digital marketer, events manager and entrepreneur with expertise in community management and establishing partnerships.

Our Advisors

W Bradford Stephens

Managing Partner at Blockchain Capital

Dorjee Sun

COO of Santiment

Victor Canivell

Managing Director at Quantum World Association

Taiyang Zhang

CEO of Republic Protocol